1. No PII — personal Identifying Information. don’t use real names, don’t post any private information, no doxxing
  2. No fascists — don’t contribute to fascism, give fascists a platform, or otherwise support or encourage them.
  3. No AI — everything here should be hand crafted by humans.
  4. Every day — work in here every day if possible, for at least a year


Pages of this site are marked with levels of completion, to indicate how complete or production ready they are. New pages are marked with the neophyte tag, indicating they have much to learn. More developed pages will have the neophyte tag replaced with the wizard tag. These are more functional but have a ways to go. Pages with the archmage tag can be considered complete, and other than periodic updates of dynamic content will receive few if any changes.


Things here are organised into the PARA system, it’s one of these self-help journaling GTD things that are popular with all the jan pona these days. So everything you add in here is going to go in one of these 4 categories.