Making apple pie


I can't recall if I've ever made apple pie before. I hope it works!

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Silent Night in Quenya

For no particular reason, I just sat down and translated the first verse of Silent Night into Quenya. Calligraphy will be forthcoming if I can find the time, and haha maybe I should record this for my Christmas album.

quildë lómë
airë lómë

ilúvë ná sivë
ilúvë ná sila

ela vendë amillë ar hina
airë hina milya ar senda

a fumë mi meneldëa sivë
a fumë mi meneldëa sivë

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Airdrop on an old computer

FYI if you want to run Airdrop on a really old computer, you need to run the following two commands on both sending and receiving computers:

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1
killall Finder

After that it should run normally. Not sure why this is disabled on older models, performance hit maybe?

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Portland Nights HD time lapse

Super pretty high def motion controlled time lapse movies of Portland.

Found via reddit

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Occupy Portland


#opdx, a set on Flickr.

I took a couple of photos of the cleanup of the Occupy camps downtown the other day. Things sure got cleared out of there in a hurry. Currently the parks are all fenced off and guarded by many police.

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Airport X-ray scanners: can we get rid of these things yet?

I'm looking forward to visiting my family around Christmas, but I am really not looking forward to going through security at the airport. Specifically I am really hesitant to put my self and family, especially my two children, through the scanners of unproven safety. The alternative pat-down is also an unsavory option, being invasive and humiliating. I wish taking a train were a viable option.

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Welcome to Earth, my son

Lucas here was born today at 11:45am pst and he was 9lbs 5oz and 20inches long. I do love him so.


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There were chicks everywhere


A random weird thing stapled to a utility pole. Near as I can tell it says:

There were chicks everywhere, white as stars. Strangely, they were silent and soft and (aberrant?) pleasant to look upon.

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Front Yard Farming

Exhibit A: Portland embraces front-yard farming –

Exhibit B: Vegetable Garden Brings Criminal Charges in Oak Park, Michigan – ABC News

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We must exploit!



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