Moon and Jupiter – #firstflickrphoto

Flickr is 8 years old last week, and many people are posting their first photos they uploaded there in celebration. My first one isn't terribly exciting, but it's something!

Moon and Jupiter

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Stethoscope bike rack


Spotted this by a doctor's office this morning. A bunch of other fun racks can be found around town as well.

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Rebel wolf stencil


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Making apple pie


I can't recall if I've ever made apple pie before. I hope it works!

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Silent Night in Quenya

For no particular reason, I just sat down and translated the first verse of Silent Night into Quenya. Calligraphy will be forthcoming if I can find the time, and haha maybe I should record this for my Christmas album.

quildë lómë
airë lómë

ilúvë ná sivë
ilúvë ná sila

ela vendë amillë ar hina
airë hina milya ar senda

a fumë mi meneldëa sivë
a fumë mi meneldëa sivë

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Airdrop on an old computer

FYI if you want to run Airdrop on a really old computer, you need to run the following two commands on both sending and receiving computers:

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1
killall Finder

After that it should run normally. Not sure why this is disabled on older models, performance hit maybe?

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Portland Nights HD time lapse

Super pretty high def motion controlled time lapse movies of Portland.

Found via reddit

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