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Airdrop on an old computer

FYI if you want to run Airdrop on a really old computer, you need to run the following two commands on both sending and receiving computers: defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1 killall Finder After that it should run normally. Not … Continue reading

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Jack o lantern

I'm testing out some WordPress caching stuff. Here's a jack o lantern for your trouble.

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The recent posts over on Daring Fireball about comments have gotten me thinking about just disabling them and throwing them all out here. ┬áNot on LJ or Facebook, that seems to be where comments are actually useful for me, but … Continue reading

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Google Web Fonts

This is pretty cool. Amongst other things released today, Google announced an API for loading some free web fonts. They maintain a repository of fonts that can be loaded directly from the Google machine. There are some pretty sweet fonts … Continue reading

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URL shorteners are something that was a hot topic last week, with the almost shutting down of and what not, as well as the launching of Inspired by this good work, as well as a few rants on … Continue reading

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Internets Footprint

This is my current internet footprint, all the places I can be found these days. Xmitter is my main blog, and a place I put experiments and writings and things on a not at all regular basis. It runs on … Continue reading

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Station Identification

Hi.  This is a reminder that I am still here. I'll have a real post or two up soon enough. Carry on.

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Testing Testing

This is a test. this is only a test. For your trouble, here is a pretty picture:

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Testing postbot

Testing out a post from the Android client Postbot. Have a picture of snow:

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WordPress 2.7

After a slightly harrowing bit of upgrading, I've now got this blog running WordPress 2.7 which just came out.  The UI is a vast improvement, and it seems to work real well.  I still have to recover some plug-in functionality … Continue reading

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