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Airport X-ray scanners: can we get rid of these things yet?

I'm looking forward to visiting my family around Christmas, but I am really not looking forward to going through security at the airport. Specifically I am really hesitant to put my self and family, especially my two children, through the … Continue reading

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Fighting copyright – You're doing it wrong

Full disclosure: I used to work for JSTOR, a non-profit company that archives and provides online access to academic journals. Recently one of the co-founders of Reddit was indicted for some sort of computer crime that involved downloading millions of … Continue reading

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Did Stumptown just get bought? – I have no idea

Willamette Weekly recently ran a story with the very sensational headline that Stumptown Coffee has "been sold". The truth to that isn't really apparent to me yet. The primary source for this appears to be Todd Carmichael, who wrote a … Continue reading

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It's a little loud to work at home today. Anyone know where we can find some cheap temporary office space?We're at a coffee shop for at least part of the day today.

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Geez Adobe, why dont you cry some more?

It almost sounds like they're begging here. Sad.

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What the Expletive do we Know?

The other day I watched What the Bleep Do We Know?!.  I was surprised by how bad it was, or at least I was surprised by how much it made me want to write about how bad it was. So … Continue reading

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My Love for Kate Beaton's Comics is a Chaste and Pure Love

Earlier today Kate Beaton, creator of amazing comics on the internets such as Hark, A Vagrant said some things on Twitter about creepy internet fans. Specifically, she said: Dear internet, you are well meaning, but I'd like to make a … Continue reading

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Bored with Foursquare

Well I'm officially bored with Foursquare now. It's just too much work to maintain mayorships, and it seems like there must be some way other people are gaming the system to hold down 30-40 at a time.  It really started … Continue reading

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Botticelli and Jimsonweed

Rebecca pointed me at this article from NPR in which art historian David Bellingham posits that the Botticelli painting "Venus and Mars" depicts Mars in a state of intoxication from ingesting Datura, also known as Jimsonweed shown in the borders … Continue reading

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Travelodge Sucks. Also the Portland Thriftlodge sucks real bad. But you probably already know this.

Well this is not the blog post I was expecting to make.  Nor are these the pictures I was expecting to upload. Background: I am in Portland (actually Beaverton now, all will become clear in time) and the purpose for … Continue reading

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