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Artist portrays superheroes as “illegal” immigrants in exhibit has a story about an art exhibit portraying superheroes as illegal immigrants. The whole concept of this piece is amazing, but some of the comments on the story are also priceless. "… to be fair Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) may … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones

Apparently, Jim Steranko designed Indiana Jones. I did not know that. Jim Steranko of course being a Marvel Comics artist, in case you did not know.

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Random Dinosaur Comics Panel Twos. I …

Random Dinosaur Comics Panel Twos. I love Dinosaur Comics. I also love this script that generates a random second panel from the comic when included in an image tag. Just refresh and get a new, awesome non sequitur! I sincerely … Continue reading

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The Batman (also Robin)

The always brilliant io9 has an excellent interview with Grant Morrison about his new Batman and Robin series. I haven't read the Bats, or really any underwear pervert comic in a long time but I may have to at least … Continue reading

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