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Vader Stencil at 7-11 on hawthorne

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Sorry about that, guys.

I guess I hit the wrong button. In my defense, they ARE really close together.

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Timberline Lodge a year and some days later

Having an anniversary dinner at the lodge tonight.

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Fighting copyright – You're doing it wrong

Full disclosure: I used to work for JSTOR, a non-profit company that archives and provides online access to academic journals. Recently one of the co-founders of Reddit was indicted for some sort of computer crime that involved downloading millions of … Continue reading

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Mt Hood by Airplane

I shot this from the window of an airplane, as we descended to land at PDX airport.  I think it came out surprisingly well!

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Hoshiko no Neko – An Ambient Space Song

This is a space song I made. The video is a slide show of Hubble Space Telescope photos. You can probably figure out how I made the music part, but I left a few really obvious clues in the video … Continue reading

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Random Usernames

Hacking and password security and all that kind of junk has been all up in the news lately, and this Dropbox breach is just the latest story I heard about today. This particular one was a breach that appears to … Continue reading

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World Naked Bike Ride

It's naked bike riding season in Portland again. Good times!

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I started playing with this Telehack thing last night after reading an interview with the creator. It's sort of like a text game that simulates the state of computer networks in the late 80's early 90's and reminds me a … Continue reading

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Did Stumptown just get bought? – I have no idea

Willamette Weekly recently ran a story with the very sensational headline that Stumptown Coffee has "been sold". The truth to that isn't really apparent to me yet. The primary source for this appears to be Todd Carmichael, who wrote a … Continue reading

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