Xmitter is the personal blog of Frank Escamilla: systems administrator, technical support specialist, doer of things. Originally from Mount Clemens, Michigan; Frank currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his fiance wife, a boy and a collection of cats, books and comics.

This blog is mostly a collection of creative works and writings, released in small, easy to digest bursts. You will mostly find fiction and reviews, along with other noodlings and scribblings as my attention span permits. You may also find poems, lyrics, experimental weirdness, photography, drawings and other things.

If you need to get hold of me, you can find contact information here.

version: 3.12
GIT d-@ s: a C+++$ UL++++$ P++(--) L++ !E-(?) W+++ N o? K- w-- O- M++ V-
 PS+++ PE- Y+ PGP t++* 5@ R++>++++ tv+ b++>++++ DI- D+ G(-) e*>++ 
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