Did Stumptown just get bought? – I have no idea

Willamette Weekly recently ran a story with the very sensational headline that Stumptown Coffee has "been sold". The truth to that isn't really apparent to me yet. The primary source for this appears to be Todd Carmichael, who wrote a really stupid article in Esquire about how jealous he is of Stumptown's success. It really needs to be said that Carmichael is a direct competitor of Stumptown, by his own admission in the article he wrote so I don't think he should be taken as a reliable source.

The Oregonian, of all places, actually ran a levelheaded piece about this whole kerfluffle, in which Stumptown spokesman Matt Lounsbury said there's been confusion over the way investment paperwork was filed. I'll be interested in seeing how this whole thing turns out, because I do love some Stumptown beans and would be sad to see things change but holy cow, let's not get crazy with speculation.

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