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Beer Party May 29th

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Last night many beers were drankened and much fun was had at Gabe and Liza's house. So many delicious beers, definitely one of the best of the Beer Party circuit.

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Canon / Holga Photos at Sewallcrest Park

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I took these on a sunny day at the park a while back, with the Holga lens I ordered so long ago. This thing can take some pretty neat photos, I must say.

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T-shirt maker recommendations?

I've never used Cafe Press or any other custom printer like that before, but I have some sweet t-shirt design ideas. Anyone have a favorite vendor for this kind of thing?

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TermKit is a webkit based terminal application. It's pretty limited in what it can do right now, but it's a great idea and is very pretty. I look forward to seeing more of this kind of thing, though it's probably … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones

Apparently, Jim Steranko designed Indiana Jones. I did not know that. Jim Steranko of course being a Marvel Comics artist, in case you did not know.

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Status Updates

I think I'm just going to use WordPress as a twitter client at this point. Fewer websites and applications to have to worry about. Also no word limit. Also I can keep the history. I should do something about comments, … Continue reading

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Statue of Liberty with a gun

On belmont

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Springtime at the Kennedy School

The spring makes all the long months of rain and gray skies worth waiting through.

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