Cranes for Japan

There's a tradition in Japan of making origami cranes as a token of peace and general good will. The tradition says that if someone makes one thousand cranes they can have a wish come true or something like that. I've known about this tradition for a long time but the first time I ever encountered it for real in the world was a couple of years ago when I was in New York City. Rebecca and I visited the 9/11 memorial, and I was ok with it until we got to the part with the cranes. There were ten thousand cranes strung up as part of the display, all of which had been made by Japanese people and sent to new York in memory of the people that had been killed in the World Trade Center attack. It was a pretty powerful display and absolutely blew me away with the amount of care and thought that went into creating these little origami designs.

Anyway I have decided to try and organize something like this in Portland in memory of those that died in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and also as a token for the survivors; a wish for peace and such.

We're planning a meetup to raise funds for the Red Cross or a similar good charity and to all get together and make cranes, basically to just see how many we can make. The resulting chains will be given to the Portland Japanese Garden to use as part of their memorial that they are putting together.

I'll post an update when we have more information about a venue for the meet up and a date and time. Most likely this will be on a weekend to facilitate an all day crane making marathon.

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