Lack of Fiction

When I first started this blog way back in 2007, I intended to post a bunch of new fiction. That totally hasn't happened at all with no new fiction SINCE 2007. So I'm going to give a whack at producing some new jive. When I started this up it was when Ficlets roamed the earth. That was a site that was all based on collaborative short fiction, and it was a neat idea. I wanted to cross post a bunch of stuff from there, but then the site went belly up after being abandoned by AOL. The whole collaborative thing never caught on with me for whatever reasons, but I did write a pretty fair amount of stuff there. I guess my own lack of interest in the collaborative aspect of things is probably what led to me not picking up on Ficly, the inheritor of the Ficlets kingdom.

I would like to start writing this stuff again. I'm thinking 256 or maybe 512 words or so. Ficlets (and Ficly) were limited to 1024 characters, but WordPress here counts in words so I'll just go with that.

Anyway, this is just notice that some weird stuff will start appearing here real soon.

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