I just finished watching Moon, debut film by Duncan Jones. It was every bit as good as all the critics have been saying and all the internets have said the last two years.

I meant to go see it in the theater, but never got around to it for various reasons and it seemed like a good movie to watch alone in the dark, while slightly sleep deprived. And yes, yes it was. I guess two years is long enough that I shouldn't mind posting spoilers, but still I am hesitant. I managed to avoid the spoilers for that long and i really felt like I got something more out of it by not knowing how it was going to end. I felt a real sense of terror that the film wasn't going to turn back from the dark place it was headed, and that all would be in vain, everything lost in the end.

And I guess here is the spoiler: it ends well. There is hope at the end, and the hero gets to be a hero. That's really why i loved this movie. I really liked it up to the end, even if it was lonely and bleak and desperate and freaky. It was tragic, claustrophobic, trippy and incredibly well designed. Stylistically it was beautiful. More nods to 2001 than one can count. But the end sealed the deal for me. So perfect.

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