Couch to 5K, Mazamas, A Map, Etc.

I've been inspired by my lovely wife to do the Couch to 5K program, and it's been going well. More slowly than it should be going, but it's going. In case you have not heard of it, it's basically a program designed to get someone from totally not in shape to being able to run a 5K race. I went out again today (week 1 Day 3) and did a pretty nice long run down to the river and back. It was a little longer than I intended, but it worked out. And I worked out. Here's a map of where I went:

View C25K W1 D3 in a larger map

So yeah it was fun. A good run, and a nice view of the city. And the weather is good. It didn't even rain on me this time. So I started this C25K thing with a goal in mind, and that goal is to eventually climb a mountain. But I am skipping ahead. A couple of weeks ago I went to an informational meeting of the Mazamas, who are a non-profit group promoting climbing and hiking and stuff. They do a basic climbing class once a year that essentially prepares you to climb up to the summit of a mountain. That sounds like something I want to do, so I signed up for it and hopefully I can get in and start in it this spring. It also sounds really hard, and having a stay at home computer desk job I am shamefully out of shape. Seeing the success that Rebecca had with Couch to 5K, I'm going to do it along with her and see if that can get me near in shape to even take this class.

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