MIT OCW 6.00 – Intro to Computer Science and Programming

A while back I decided I wanted to brush up my coding a bit, and learn a new language at the same time. I settled on the introductory MIT Opencourseware class, and so far it's been really helpful. I've gone through the first 3 lectures and done the first two problem sets now, and it seems really well put together. The lecturer is excellent; way better then the Stanford iPhone programming course, to be honest. The language used for the course is Python, which I've dabbled in before but only a tiny bit. So far I like it, though some of it's idiosyncrasies are taking a while to get used to (no semicolons at the end of statements? Whaaaat?). But I feel the course has already gotten me to write better code in all languages so it's totally worth it for me so far.

Recommended for anyone that wants to learn to program, or pick up some Python, or just brush up on good style.

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