My Love for Kate Beaton's Comics is a Chaste and Pure Love

Earlier today Kate Beaton, creator of amazing comics on the internets such as Hark, A Vagrant said some things on Twitter about creepy internet fans. Specifically, she said:

Dear internet, you are well meaning, but I'd like to make a point. When you tell a female creator you like her work so much you want to marry her and have her babies, you're not doing anyone any favors. First of all, as cute as it sounds in your head, it's a shitty, disrespectful 'compliment.' No one makes comics looking for sexual attention. Secondly, by doing so you invite others to critique that person's works based on their looks, which is uncomfortable, sexist and unfair.

As a former employee at a comic book store, I must say that I know exactly what you're talking about. As a male person I might not be able to identify completely and feel the pain there, but I did once witness a guy pretending to work at the comic store so that he could approach women in the store to talk to them. I really feel bad that anyone has to deal with that kind of behavior. Ah, and someone has already said it better than I. Basically, learn to have some boundaries and don't be a creep, that will make things much easier.

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