Writing and more writing

Even though my spare time has been becoming less and less these days, I have actually been writing quite a bit more often. I've made a concerted effort to write something every single day no matter how stupid or short or badly written and it's gone pretty well.

I've been keeping all this stuff just in a private journal thing, and it's been going on without a day missed for about a month. It goes back as far as April with short gaps here and there. Most of it is crap, and will never see the light of day but the important thing is that it actually improves over time. The last four or five entries have been pretty lengthy and have been moving towards something.

After having read Rudy Rucker's Transrealist Manifesto the other day (it's pretty short, as any manifesto should be) I think I'm going to basically throw some characters into a room and see what happens. Maybe something interesting will come of it, who knows.

Also, I'm getting married real soon. It's almost come to the OMGPANIC stage of planning but once we push through that it should go over well. The heat is making it difficult for those higher brain functions to work real well, so I'm not real sure what else I can share.

It was a hundred degrees I tell you, or damn well near it. I improvised a swamp cooler out of a cooler, wet towel and a box fan but it didn't really work that well. I imagine if i used a lighter fabric and hung it directly in front of the fan it would be more effective. May have to give that a whirl.

P.S. The picture above is from a totem pole right by Pike's Market in Seattle. It was mostly covered by scaffolding when we visited, but still. Pretty neat.

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