QR Code Artwork

QR codes are pretty neat. Basically these are 2D barcodes that can encode a lot of data, including URLs and text and phone numbers and such. I had a thought that if something other than just black squares were used as pixels that other information could be encoded also. Sort of a meta message stuck inside the barcode. I'm a big fan of calligraphy, so I did this up with letter as the elements and wrote out a Latin poem for a sort of ceremonial magic look. I think it looks more like a crossword than a page from a spellbook, but still.

I generated the code using the open source phpqrcode script, which is pretty sweet. I then drew up a grid using old fashioned pencil and ruler and penned the thing out with a calligraphy marker.  Amazingly, it really scans and pulls up a URL that I set.  For that I used a URL shortener that I control so that the ultimate destination could be changed without actually altering the code. This has the side benefit of shortening up the amount of characters to encode, so the number of pixels is much smaller.  I think I may make up some more of these suitable for framing, and hang them on the wall.

Try scanning it, and see!  There are a number of apps for Android and iPhone that should let you read the barcode and should theoretically pull up the website for you.  Currently the URL points to a page with the poem I used with original Latin and english translation.  Any spelling or other errors in my copying are strictly for authenticity, yep.

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