Bored with Foursquare

Well I'm officially bored with Foursquare now. It's just too much work to maintain mayorships, and it seems like there must be some way other people are gaming the system to hold down 30-40 at a time.  It really started when I was ousted from the one place I go to almost every single day by some dude that checked in like 27 times in a week. Seriously? That's dumb.

Originally I thought that maybe Foursquare would be a cool way to find new things in town and meet new people and what not, but it's really not payed off for me.

I suppose I'll still keep my Foursquare account in case I change my mind. Maybe it's just that I don't go out enough or something, but I'm pretty much done with it at this point.

By the way, I completely love the sad mayor 404 graphic and would like a t-shirt of this.

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