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Banksy elephant on se salmon?

Found on SE Salmon at 8th.  Someone else reported seeing some Banksy stuff in Portland is this one also? EDIT: Yeah, this is almost certainly Banksy as indicated by a quick googleimagesearch. UPDATE 8/14/10: I found some more elephants at … Continue reading

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I decided to make the guestbook for my wedding, right down to cutting the pages out from a roll of paper and labeling them tri-lingually in English, Spanish and Quenya. Here's a sneak preview of it.

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QR Code Artwork

QR codes are pretty neat. Basically these are 2D barcodes that can encode a lot of data, including URLs and text and phone numbers and such. I had a thought that if something other than just black squares were used … Continue reading

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Bored with Foursquare

Well I'm officially bored with Foursquare now. It's just too much work to maintain mayorships, and it seems like there must be some way other people are gaming the system to hold down 30-40 at a time.  It really started … Continue reading

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Writing and more writing

Even though my spare time has been becoming less and less these days, I have actually been writing quite a bit more often. I've made a concerted effort to write something every single day no matter how stupid or short … Continue reading

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