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Earthquake data

There's a lot of pretty interesting data available at the USGS website, including maps of witness reported earthquake intensity. The 5.0 magnitude quake that hit the Ottawa area generated about 50,000 reports from people that felt it.

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Star Trek: Tik Tok

This is pretty much awesome.  Via at least three friends on the Facebook.

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Summer is Here

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Pale Blue Dot

Mostly, this is here for my own reference. Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot reading.

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I really want one of these Velosynth devices to play with. It's a smart, hackable glitch noisemaker you can attach to your bike.  It's like the super nerdy version of the playing cards in the spokes trick. Totally badass. Also, … Continue reading

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The recent posts over on Daring Fireball about comments have gotten me thinking about just disabling them and throwing them all out here.  Not on LJ or Facebook, that seems to be where comments are actually useful for me, but … Continue reading

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Mammatus Clouds in Portland

Check out these mammatus clouds.

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Botticelli and Jimsonweed

Rebecca pointed me at this article from NPR in which art historian David Bellingham posits that the Botticelli painting "Venus and Mars" depicts Mars in a state of intoxication from ingesting Datura, also known as Jimsonweed shown in the borders … Continue reading

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The Forest

I finally got around to uploading some pictures from our last couple of camping excursions.  These are all from the Hood Forest. This one I think is crazy how green it is. Rowan practically blends right into the forest with … Continue reading

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Locals vs Tourists

Laughing Squid posted about a project that's mapping geotagged photos taken by tourists vs those taken by locals. Here's Portland. The blue dots are locals and the red are tourists:

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