Oregon Trail Day Two: Nebraska


We made it to Omaha in one day, despite an alarm clock malfunction which delayed us a couple hours. Had a little bit of heavy rain outside of Chicago but beautiful weather other than that.

So far the most exciting thing that happened was at a toll booth in Illinois when the guy inside was pulling on a yellow reflector vest as we were pulling up and he said, "Excuse me for a minute, I'm trying to stay out of trouble" We wondered what kind of trouble you could get into in a toll booth, and came up with a couple of pretty good ideas. Hah.

Other than that, Illinois and Iowa were pretty much as you'd expect. Lots of corn and cows. In Illinois we saw about 3 or 4 deer swimming in a little lake. Crossed the Mississippi, which I had been expecting to be much more impressive. I guess it's probably a lot bigger further south than I-80. The drive through Nebraska will be much the same as yesterday was I think, only longer and flatter. We're shooting to try and make it to Salt Lake City by the end of the day. Not sure if that will happen or not, but we can try. After Nebraska the terrain should be much more interesting, at least.

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