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URL shorteners are something that was a hot topic last week, with the almost shutting down of and what not, as well as the launching of Inspired by this good work, as well as a few rants on … Continue reading

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End of the Trail

Crazy, I live in Portland now! We arrived safely and the truck with all our stuff got here without too many losses. We're now a good almost two weeks into the unpacking process and I still have no idea how … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail day four: Oregon!

Well we made it safely to oregon without breaking any axles or bones, or contracting any illnesses more serious than a nosebleed and some crankiness. We're still about 4 hours or so away from Portland, and the drive has been … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail day three: Utah and Idaho

So wow, Wyoming is beautiful. It's a drastic change from the flatness of nebraska. We saw pronghorn deer all over the place and a couple of elk, lots of cows and birds of prey. Our goal for today is to … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail Day Two: Nebraska

We made it to Omaha in one day, despite an alarm clock malfunction which delayed us a couple hours. Had a little bit of heavy rain outside of Chicago but beautiful weather other than that. So far the most exciting … Continue reading

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Oregon trail day one

An alarm malfunction delayed our departure bu a couple of hours, but I think the extra sleep will do us some good. There were some tears and hard goodbyes, as expected. Anyway we're packed in pretty tight and well on … Continue reading

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