The Batman (also Robin)


The always brilliant io9 has an excellent interview with Grant Morrison about his new Batman and Robin series. I haven't read the Bats, or really any underwear pervert comic in a long time but I may have to at least check this one out. I love almost everything Grant Morrison does, and this tasty quote definitely makes me want to see what's going on in that universe these days:

I prefer to focus on the wilder, weirder nights of his career and I like to see him facing devilishly brilliant, flamboyant psychos who can actually put him under pressure and take him to his limits. Watching a billionaire Batman disarm poorly-trained, poverty-stricken muggers effortlessly or beating up skinny junkies might be fun for a scene or two but does tend to raise thorny issues of class and privilege that the basic adventure hero concept is not necessarily equipped to deal with adequately.

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