Internets Footprint


This is my current internet footprint, all the places I can be found these days.

Xmitter is my main blog, and a place I put experiments and writings and things on a not at all regular basis. It runs on the Laughing Squid servers, and I currently have it set to cross post to various other places and services.

Twitter is another thing I do, and will post things there oh I dunno a couple times a day or more. Sometimes in great bursts of activity, sometimes quiet for whole hours at a time.

I also have an eponymous Tumblr blog. I got the domain on a whim and cause it was cheap. Currently I have blog posts from here, Flickr uploads and Youtube uploads reposting there.  Lately I've been reblogging some other random stuff there, too.  I've been wondering if maybe I should do something different here. I dunno. Maybe I should have a big picture of my nose or something at this particular domain (this is what Rebecca suggests.)

Flickr is where I have been putting all my photos.

I'm on Facebook, like everyone else on the planet, and will happily add you there if I know you.

That's about it.  It seems a bit random and disjointed, but that's the internet, and hey it's where I live and work.

I kind of feel obligated to do this kind of post since I'm preparing for a really big cross country move in the real world. It is my hope that by staking out my area on the interwebs, and being active out here where everyone can see me that I can keep in touch easily with everyone I know.

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