Medieval GeekTool Desktop

Here’s another desktop theme I made this week. This one’s based on a Book of Hours I saw over in the Bibliodyssey blog, one of my favorite things on all of the internets.

I found all kinds of scripts for converting arabic numbers into Roman numerals, and settled on using a PHP library I found. I'm most familiar with PHP, and it was a simple task to translate the time and IP addresses. With the addition of a replacement function to switch the day and month into Latin I had everything needed for this theme.

Desktop of Hours

I’m pretty fond of this one so I think I will keep it for a while, and maybe switch out the picture every so often. I really have no idea what the next one will be, but I’ll have to come up with another fun problem to solve with scripting.

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  1. PseudoThomas says:

    Nice work! Would you be willing to share the geektool scripts for the day and month in Latin?

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