Spelljammer: Lorebook of the Void

This was a bit like book archaeology. I opened up the Spelljammer box set and found the Lorebook of Voidspace, along with all the other normal contents of the box set. I also found a bunch of character sheets and notes about the crew of a ship from a campaign I ran in high school.

Spelljammer: Lorebook of the Void

Spelljammer gets a lot of flack for its weird physics and nonsensical combat rules, but I liked this setting more than all the other many D&D campaign settings. It was a sort of proto-steampunk in space. It could, if one were so inclined, encompass any and all other campaign settings. And oh I did go there, inserting my own world as the destination for a character I used to play in a Greyhawk setting.

The crewlist here is pretty awesome. It’s hard to see but you can just make out the name, class and other vital stats for each character:

Silver Hand, human fighter, Captain

Zoltan, human mage, Spelljammer

Crindar Elfhater, human fighter, First Mate

Gruush, Lizardman fighter, First Lieutenant

Ardor the Lost, human mage, Assistant Spelljammer and Navigator

In addition there were 24 Human Pirates on board and 9 “Weaponeers” I’m not sure what that specifically meant.  I also love that you can still make out that there were clearly 25 pirates originally on board, the number having been erased and amended. I wonder what happened to that poor bastard?  Hah.

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