Seventh Son

I did like Ender’s Game when I first read it, and I will not deny that it’s been a huge influence on sci-fi in general. But I will not be reading any more Orson Scott Card. I picked up Seventh Son many years ago, after hearing good things about this series in comparison with the Ender series, which kind of peters out after a couple of books.

Seventh Sun

Seventh Son was ok. It was an interesting alternate USA sort of magical fantasy thing. My enjoyment of this book, and anything written by Orson Scott Card was ruined around this time when I found out that OSC was in fact a homophobic anti gay marriage douchebag.

Perhaps I am too harsh, but I don’t care. I’ve wrestled with the idea that maybe I shouldn’t discount a writer because of his personal beliefs. After all there are probably other writers I like that have even more weird and horrible things lurking in their brains.  But the way I see it, there are just too many books out there to read so you have to narrow it down somehow. If it seems arbitrary, so what?  It’s my time, and I’m not going to give up my precious reading time to someone that once said that is not necessary to ensure equal rights for gays, since "Any homosexual man who can persuade a woman to take him as her husband can avail himself of all the rights of husbandhood under the law." Screw that noise.

The book is pretty, though.

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  1. josh.f13 says:

    I feel the same way you do. Card doesn't deserve any more of my money.

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