Movie OS

Something I’ve kind of obsessed about on and off is the creation of a MovieOS.  I love the weird nonsensical interfaces that you sometimes see in TV shows and movies, where someone will type in a bunch of random letters and then red flashing letters state ACCESS DENIED, foiling all attempts to get at the precious data.

LCARS, the made up interface for Star Trek: The Next Generation computers definitely falls into this category. I’ve always wondered if I would ever see a computer with that kind of display, and now I kind of sort of can make that happen.

ST:TNG Desktop

Inspired by a Lifehacker post I made the desktop image above, using some random LCARS widgets for framing. With the excellent desktop hacking preference pane GeekTool I was able to insert the date, uptime info, logs, the Astronomy Picture of the Day and some other extraneous data with some bash scripts and an LCARS appropriate font.

So this got me to wondering what other types of displays I could make with GeekTool. What neat looking MovieOSes are out there?  Minority Report sticks out in my mind as an obvious one to try, but what else?  2001: A Space Odyssey might work. I also had the idea to put together a medieval calendar sort of display, with a parchment background and a gothic typeface for the text. Maybe I’ll try that one next.

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  1. Todd says:

    This is very cool. It seems that a Twitter feed would go very nicely in one of the areas. That would provide a dynamic display that would mimic the expected status updates of an active starship.

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