iPhone Programming Brought to you Free by Stanford University

Hello Internets

I’ve gotten the urge lately to do some hard core learninating. I am inspired of course by Rebecca’s recent return to school, and seeing her work so hard on her classes has made me a little jealous. I’ve spent a huge amount of time in classes in my life, and

though I may not have always been successful in passing said classes I always enjoy learning a new skill.

Programming has been something that I’ve been working at figuring out on my own for I’m not even sure how long now. Every couple of months I’ll bust out XCode and bang away at it for a while until I make something happen. Well, last week I found that Stanford University is releasing all the notes and lectures for a 10 week course in iPhone Application Programming with Cocoa Touch and Objective-C.

Awesome! So I’ve subscribed to the lectures feed in iTunes and downloaded all of the materials. I built and ran the demo app form the lecture, did the first half of the assignment and read through all the materials and I’ve decided to give it a go and follow along as if I were in the class. Those of us in the non-Stanford world are a few days behind the actual class, and sadly we can’t get questions answered by the professors but I think this will be a useful thing to do in my spare time.

One thing I do wish I had is a forum maybe where other people following along like me could kind of collaborate on the assignments and ask each other questions and such. Anyone know of a good place to go for that?

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