I mentioned Michio Kaku in a post a couple days ago about a Brian Greene book. Here’s Kaku’s book Hyperspace. He has the same kind of enthusiasm and excitement as Green and is equally good at bringing particularly unusual and difficult concepts to a broad audience.


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2 Responses to Hyperspace

  1. freelearner says:

    Oh my, I just put this book in the recycle pile like 3 days ago. I think string theory is bunk– but I assume you don't agree.

    What do you think of "electric universe" alternative physics? E.g. Tom Bearden? It seems to imply that string theory, black holes, and dark matter are all wrong but zero point energy could save humanity.

    Not that I am claiming to truly understand this stuff. I just tend to side with the "it's a conspiracy!" underdogs whose views are routinely ignored.

    • cobweb says:

      Oh no, I definitely don't think it's total bunk. I do think that it has some merit that may or may not become apparent once it's able to be tested experimentally. From my understanding a lot of this stuff will get interesting once the LHC is able to be fired up.

      I'm not all that familiar with the Electric Universe stuff, but the different weird cosmology models are all very cool. I especially like Paul Davies, who I think has described the universe as a sort of organism with sentient beings like us being a sort of evolutionary step in the universes attempt to perceive itself.

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