What is All This Again?

Hi.  This is your monthly reminder (and mine) of what in the world is actually going on on this blog these days.

I decided on 2/1/2009 to write an entry a day for a year, each with one photograph of a book I have in my house or am reading (checked out of a library, borrowed, etc.) and a little something about the book.  I originally called them “Book Portraits” and made a category for that, but I’ve since decided that’s a hokey term, and am currently referring to this as the “Book a Day” project for lack of a better idea.

I’m trying to make each photo as different and interesting as I can, and that’s already turning out to be kind of a challenge without resorting to cheap photoshop trickery, but I plan to charge ahead and do what I can.  When I’m done I hope to have an interesting collection of pictures and an interesting kind of autobiography as told through my books and things.

Some of the book in here probably deserve a better post than the one photo and little paragraph that I’ve given it, but the project isn’t really about in depth reviews and the like. What it is about is giving a whole lot of books in my collection a somewhat even treatment, and I hope the whole thing will be more interesting than the sum of the individual pieces.

If you like what I’m doing, and feel you’d like to support it I’ve included links to Amazon for almost all the books so far, any purchases from which I would get a modest commission. If this thing turns out to be successful, I’ve already got a couple of ideas for a year long project for next year. Hah, I must be crazy or something.

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