Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha

I don’t remember where I got this book. I think someone gave it to me? Could be. I also don’t know where this label stuck to a page came from. I was just thinking about Little Earthquakes the other day and how it was weird that I didn’t own this album. The label looks to me like it came off of a cassette tape. Who uses those anymore? It must have been stuck in this book for ages.

I’m not too sure what else to say about the book itself. It’s a collection of various teachings as per the title, and does a fair job of describing several of the different varieties of buddhism.
Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha

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3 Responses to Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha

  1. Erika says:


    I'm pretty sure that book was mine once upon a time, not that I particularly miss it. Maybe I even outright gave it to you. I think I just bought it randomly one day because I thought as a teenager I should know something about Buddhism.

    But that's definitely my handwriting on the tape label.

    • cobweb says:

      Ah yeah that was my thought as well when I saw that label. Well if you would like it back I would be happy to ship it somewhere for you.

  2. Erika says:

    No, you're welcome to it! If nothing else, I'm moving across the country (Japan) in two months and trying to keep my book accumulation minimal.

    (Not that I was ever any good at that…)

    But you know, also, I live in a Buddhist country. So ample opportunities to learn!

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