The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

So I do have a bible. This one is the New International Version, and was purchased at a Z. Family Bookstore at Lakeside Mall back in the early 90’s sometime.  I’m not of the Christian persuasion, but I do find the Bible to be an important reference to have around. Much like Shakespeare, it is alluded to in basically all of English Literature. This one is not as poetic or nice sounding as the King James or some other versions, but it’s interesting from a scholarly point of view in that lots of modern archaeology and linguistics went into making it.

One problem I have with it is that it’s a strictly Protestant book, and leaves out a lot of the more interesting Apocrypha, but I guess that’s just my own personal bias. I have at various points in my life had up to three four, maybe even five different bibles around at any one time, it can be fun to compare the same passage in each one.  But now I’m down to just the one, I think.  Hmm maybe I’m due for another trip out to John King books soon.

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