Cocoa Programming for OS X

Cocoa Programming for OSX (3rd Edition)

A pretty good proportion of books in my house are actually non-fiction. I haven't counted them out, but it might be almost a tie between non and fiction. But that's a project for another day. Today's entry comes from the very large collection of computer and technical related books that I have, and is also one I am currently reading, or studying or whatever it is I am doing with it.

I have kind of a tumultuous relationship with learning how to program.  I kind of subscribe to the Learn Programming in Ten Years attitude.  Basically I try something out in fits and starts, get frustrated and give up, then pick it up again a few weeks or months later.  I recently picked up the latest edition of Aaron Hillegass’ excellent book Cocoa Programming for OS X.  This definitely has to be the best environment to learn to program, at least from my perspective.  XCode is the Apple supplied development tool, and Cocoa the framework that makes the Mac platform fun.  So I’ve been sort of plodding through this book, doing the various ‘assignments’ in it on my own and pretending I’m in a really very laidback programming class.  With no teacher. Or other students.

OK, so maybe this isn’t the best environment to learn to program.  But Cocoa and Xcode is pretty fun to poke around with at any rate.  I have about a thousand ideas for applications I would like to make, and that at least one person in the world would find useful.

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