Ficlets is Dead, Long Live Ficlets!

On December 2nd it was announced that is going away.

For those not aware, is a collaborative fiction site, based on story parts that are 1024 characters in length. It was designed by Kevin Lawver, while he was working for AOL. After he left, the company has decided not to support it any longer, and has scheduled it to be turned off on January 15th.

I’m kinda bummed out about it, as this site has been a great inspiration for me to do writing in general.  I haven’t written a whole lot of ficlets recently, I admit that my enthusiasm kind of waned after Kevin left and the blog stopped being updated.

So now, there’s some talk of an heir to ficlets being created by some of the original design team over on Kevin Lawver’s blog, as well as in the Facebook group “I Write Ficlets.” Kevin’s scheduled what he calls the “Ficlets Graveyard” to be released the day after Ficlets 1.0 shuts down.

That’s a good thing.  I will happily follow the development of “Ficlets 2.0” to whatever home it ends up in. The original site is a great inspirational tool to keep writers writing. I think by breaking down writing tasks into 1024 characters at a time makes the whole process of writing longer pieces seem a little more doable. I’ve backed up my ficlets, so even if the site goes kaput I at least have the ones I wrote safely tucked away. With even a fraction of the support that AOL put into ficlets, it’ll be a good site.

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  1. Ryster says:

    I'm sure that many Ficlets fans are sad that is no more. We are in the process of constructing a site that might be helpful for them. It's not a replacement for Ficlets, but it's a clean start and we'll build the site based on the feedback we get from the online community. Please give it a try and let us know what we can do to make it fit your needs.
    You can also get more information at our Blurbtree FAQ.

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