10 Years of IPM radio

IPM Stencil on Cinder Block

On Saturday I went to the last ever weekly radio show house party at ipmradio.com.  You may ask yourself, “What is this IPM of which you speak?”  Well let me tell you.  IPM stands for In Perpetual Motion, which was originally a Detroit area zine in the early 90’s run by DJ and music connoisseur Marc Church. After a few issues, the publishers lost interest and Marc sold the name to an old friend of mine, Bob Perye. Sometime lateish in 1998 he decided to apply the name to an internet radio show he had been puttering around with on his own, and invited me to come out to his Lansing apartment and bring some music.  At the time I had been DJing regularly at a college station in Port Huron, so I kind of thought I knew what I was doing, and went ahead and brought out a bunch of stuff to play on these newfangled internets.

I had no idea that 10 years later this thing would have grown to include countless guest DJs, live bands, and a house party almost every single weekend.  IPM would end up attracting the attention of local superstar DJs as well as national acts.  The main thing that I am grateful to IPM for though, is for serving as a sort of social nexus.  I have met a lot of cool people at IPM events over the years, many of whom have become close friends.

Going forward, IPM is not really ending. The weekly social gatherings are done now, but the show will continue.  After a month long hiatus, the show is going to be redesigned and revamped to allow for remote DJs to submit regular sets and do live events from elsewhere.  There will still probably be big live events a couple times a year, but the focus is going to shift. IPM will serve as an umbrella for the production of a characteristically diverse set of online radio shows, pushing into the future as it always has. It was some good times and it will be missed, but I look forward to seeing what else we can do with it.

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