Android G1 Unboxing


originally uploaded by airosche5.

I. Got my new phone today. Full review plus more pics tomorrow. For now have an unboxing.

My first impressions of the phone are that it is solid and awesome.  It's a bit big, the keyboard is nice although the bit on the right side does get in the way a bit. It'll probably just take some time to get used to. The sliding mechanism feels really solid and nicely put together.  The software is pretty sweet and handles all the usual things well:  email, IM, texts, contacts, all that stuff.  I'm really hoping someone releases a terminal application for it soon.  SSH access is pretty much a must for me, but I have every confidence that will be forthcoming soon. Another thing I haven't figured out yet is how I can differentiate between SMS and Email and IM notifications.  I'd like to be able to have separate tones for each, or to turn some off, or maybe to schedule times when no notifications happen, like when I should be deep asleep.

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