New York City Drinkup

This coming weekend I will be in New York City, and am attending the Laughing Squid Drinkup at M1-5.  I went to one in Royal Oak, which I mentioned a few posts back and it was huge amounts of fun, so I expect nothing less from the New York crowd. Should be meeting some cool people and have lots of good times.

I’m pretty excited for the trip, as the last time I was in the city I went up in the World Trade Center, so you know that was some years ago. The list of things I’d like to see includes:

  • Chinatown
  • Central Park
  • The Ground Zero Site
  • Some sort of cool nightclub

We may or may not get to all of those things as I’m only going to be there from Friday through Monday morning, but I think that’s a pretty reasonable amount of stuff to cram into a weekend. So what else should I see or do while in the big city?

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