Flickr Gallery

Boston Museum of Fine Art Not too long ago I scrapped a photo gallery I was using. It was a hosted Coppermine gallery that I was running, and trying to maintain.  I decided to go with Flickr instead for online gallery purposes. I found a great Flickr plugin for WordPress, you should be able to see it over there in the sidebar.  It integrates nicely into the blog, and is way easier to maintain than Coppermine was. I found it kind of tedious to upgrade the gallery script, which is dangerous to not do for security purposes. I was always seeing malicious entries in the access logs, haxors looking for an exploitable version of Coppermine. With Flickr, they basically take care of all that stuff on their end and all I have to worry about is uploading stuff. Also the comments and such duplicate on my site, so it’s like one stop shopping.  Nice.

With that, I present to you this collection of pics I took at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts when Rebecca and I were there some time ago. Check out the sweet “view as slideshow” option from flickr.  Very nice, and with fullscreen, too.

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