The Royal Oak Drinkup Was Fun

Pile of Stickers It occurred to me today that I hadn’t yet written anything yet about the DrinkUP meeting that occurred here Wednesday night.  Scott Beale, the founder and primary tentacle of Laughing Squid is in town this week and held a small informal get together at the Royal Oak Brewery.  Much fun was had and many delicious beers were consumed.

The picture here, and all pictures in the linked gallery were taken by my dear girlfriend, Rebecca.  We met quite a few awesome people, and really that gives me hope for the Detroit area in general. I’ve been considering the possibility of a Barcamp in Detroit and with the kind of turnout we had on Wednesday, I think this event could be a very good thing. The main issue would be locating a venue.  Barcamp Grand Rapids had a connection at a school out there, and so was able to use classrooms and all of the resources that go along with that like projectors and such, which would be nice.

OK I don't really have an end to this post in mind so I'm just going to stop writing now. Hah.

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