Nine Inch Nails at the Palace of Auburn Hills


When I told my mom I was going to see Nine Inch Nails tonight, she was all, "Oh yeah? You still listen to them?"

Hells yeah I do.

We had to sign a waiver in order to get down on the main floor, basically signing our rights away and saying that we could be ejected at any time for anything basically. That turned out to be a pretty rough time. There were a lot of elbows thrown, and I got a shot in the mouth from some jerk that snuck up on me while I was taking pictures. I'm ok, it hurt a little but mostly I'm just pissed that I got caught off guard. Really, I would have taken more and better pictures if I wasn't always in a defensive stance. Ah well.

The set was a nice mix of stuff from the olden days and from the newen days, but really the thing that bears mentioning is the greatness that is the stage presence. Not sure if it was RFID tech that was being used or what, but there were a lot of interesting effects involving curtains of LEDs and collision detection of some kind. I didn't get any pictures of it, but one neat effect was basically a giant interface with a drum machine. Each step set up by a crew member going in and waving his hands around in a big LED square. Neat stuff.

At the end, we had to flee to the car through a thunderstorm and ended up soaked through to the bone. Ah well, I have a new t-shirt and a whole bunch of pictures for my effort. In all the many NIN shows I have seen, I had not gotten photographic evidence before, so now I have that and am pleased.

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