New Job, New Laptop

So yesterday I started a new position at Laughing Squid, and I am humbled by the warm welcome I received. I hope to be with the Squid for many years to come!

The picture here is the new laptop I purchased last week. I just wanted to show off how sweet the Laughing Squid sticker looks on there. I’m pretty happy with it. But really, I very nearly didn’t get an Apple laptop.

I had initially settled on an HP mini-note, which I intended to run Ubuntu on, and had been kind of trying to psyche myself up for it. So just last week I did a quick search on the Craig’s List and came up with this black MacBook. On searching my feelings, I knew I just couldn’t stray from the OS X fold. Sure, there are some frustrations I have with Apple, and some things that I just really like about Ubuntu, but the total package goes to an Apple win.

Also, the hardware on the HP mini is just a touch underpowered for what I would need to do. I totaled up the number of applications and things I would need to be running, and ultimately went for the slightly beefier computer to handle it all. Yeah, I made the right choice for sure.

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