Tarot Ficlets Challenge

I am a huge fan of Ficlets.  This is a collaborative fiction site, each entry is limited to 1024 characters and it makes heavy use of the Creative Commons license all over it. All in all good stuff.  Something that has kind of sprung up from the depts of it is the phenomenon known in ficlet parlance as the 'Challenge.' These are essentially writing prompts of various kinds, with rules and what not set forth by the challenge writer.  It's a neat thing that emerged spontaneously from the community, and wasn't designed into the site initially.

I haven't been very active in the whole social part of ficlets, but I have finally written my first ever Challenge.
The idea is to base a story on the structure and symbolism found in the Tarot.  Not a terribly original idea, but I thought it would be neat to play with the archetypes and things found in the Tarot.

I've long thought that the Major Arcana would be a great tool to use when putting together a story, so here's my attempt. The allure of it to me is that there are characters and plot structure kind of built in. I always have trouble with structure, so being able to spread out a list of cards and see your beginning, middle and end right there is kind of nice.

My one fear is that no one will notice and I will have to lay out the whole thing myself.  Well ok that wouldn't be so bad, at least I'd get some writing out there, even if it does take me forever.

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