So I haven't written any fiction, ficlet, or blog post in a while. My creative efforts have been focused more on another node in the cyclical game I play with myself of rotating between various hobbies and endeavors. See I've always wanted to learn to program. I kind of have a good grasp on some basic concepts, but I haven't gotten a solid foundation on any one language or framework.

I started with a wickedly aborted C++ class, in which the teacher repeatedly put me to sleep and the tools and environment were all dull and Windows centric. Visual Studio was just the most unintuitive thing I have ever tried to use.

So eventually I found that greatness that is Xcode, and have been putzing around with various tutorials off and on learning pieces of Objective C and Cocoa here and there. But going the tutorial route is kind of frustrating and not really how I learn best. For one thing it totally falls apart when a version of whatever changes. For another thing there isn't much problem solving being done that way, so I don't feel I've learned much when it's said and done. What I really need to find is a good textbook and a good teacher.

So I've recently found the Beej, who writes a pretty surprisingly amusing guide to the C Programming language that I have been working through. I still could use an experienced person to ask questions of, and actually it has occurred to me that there should be 'programming circles' somewhat akin to knitting circles, where a bunch of nerds can all bring projects and work on them, ask questions of someone and go on that way. I guess that's what IRC is for. But I digress.

Maybe what I should do is post an ad on Craig's List for a Mac Programming Tutor, and buy one or two good texts. Anyway, those are my thoughts today.

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