The Death of Gary Gygax

Eep, I forgot to make a post yesterday, so I will make two today.

This first one has to do with the announcement today that Gary Gygax, creator of D&D and Role Playing Games as we know them, has passed on.

This has incited a large number of semi-tasteless jokes about failed saving throws and the Outer Planes.  I won't go there myself, but here is a list of them compiled by The Ferrett, allowing me to keep on topic with the Lists in March thing.  I'm sure Gygax himself would have had a cheery guffaw.

His games brought me much entertainment, even the ones no one else liked.  I can't tell you how many awesome Star Frontiers games I played.  Why that never took off I'll… well I know it was a horrible game system, but I was a teenager and had fun anyways.

I was once warned about the dangers of Role Playing by a therapist, who told me a scaaaary story about college kids getting lost in steam tunnels. Thank the gawds I had the good sense to see that as total nonsense and continue playing in a friends basement.

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