Obsolete Skills I Would Like to Have

Here, there's an hour left in the day so I have to make a list quick. This is not so much a list as it is a link to a list, found on Boing Boing. And actually the title is kind of misleading, since many of these skills are not so much obsolete as they are simply archaic. Or is that the same thing sort of?

Anyway, contained in the Obsolete Skills list are such things as:

  • Aiming a C-Band Satellite Dish
  • Adjusting a clock's pendulum
  • Blueboxing
  • Gathering medicinal herbs and plants in the field
  • Long division
  • Making Ink
  • Swordfighting

The whole thing is a wiki, so it's been getting edited and corrected and what not. But yeah, lots of skills I would like to have, just in case there is in fact a Zombie Apocalypse.

Tomorrow's list: how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

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