Well I’ve decided to give this contest thingy a shot again to get myself writing in here again. I may not have the stamina to take on the NanoWrimo as of yet, but I think I can do 31 posts in a month on a blog.

There are themes to these contests now, and starting this month a new theme for each month, and every month is National Blog Posting Month, so that makes it easy to play a pick up game, as it were.

All right, with that out of the way, the theme for this month is lists. Todays is a list of books I plan to read or finish in the near future:

  • CCNA certification guide. There’s some quote from Fight Club about self improvement. I don’t remember how it went. Anyway, I’m reading this two book set about Cisco networking concepts, geared towards getting a certification. Even if I don’t go for the cert, the knowledge is good.
  • The Magus by John Fowles. This was recommended to me ages ago by my girlfriend, and then came up in some random research again later. I need to crack this open.
  • I Am America, and So Can You by Stephen Colbert. I should finish this, but I’m kind of disappointed. I mean I know it couldn’t be all hilariosity all the time, but I really thought it would be funnier. It does have moments of lol-ness, though.
  • Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling. This one has been sitting on my shelf since I bought it at a library book sale ages ago and I have been working my way through the stack of things I bought there. This one still calls to me from the to-read shelf.

And there are oh so many more than that, but perhaps that will be for another list.

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