The Invention of Hugo Cabret


The Invention of Hugo Cabret is marketed at the Young Adult crowd, and indeed I found it in that section of the library. There was a small amount of buzz around it on various steam and clock-punk sites that I frequent, so I picked it up not knowing a whole lot about it.

I was first struck by the illustrations which are beautiful and simple, but the simplicity belies the complex way they fit into the narrative. Not only are they all really pretty drawings interspersed into the story, but they also act as frames to almost a flip book kind of movie, which meshes nicely with the story in which the early history of movies plays a big part.

Don't let the enormous size of this volume discourage you, many of the pages are full page and multi-page drawings that almost beg to be flipped past as they punctuate exciting parts of the book. It's really only a couple hours reading material at most. Give it a try.

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