A Few Resolutions

Ok so I have made a couple of Resolutions for the New Year related to writing and thought I would document them here:

  1. I will write something that ends. I have this problem with starting many things and letting them sort of trail off a bit until I forget where I was going with it. So I want to finish something that I can nurture and improve with edits and what not.
  2. I will keep a reading log. I read a lot of good stuff this year, but I can't for the life of me remember it all. So I will strive to write a review of everything I read next year and post it here for your edification.

And I think that's about it for now. Another thing I need to do is fiddle with the style sheet for this site so that it is not quite so hideous, but that is a small thing and does not merit more than a to-do item in my calendar. Need to figure out paragraph spacing.

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