Creating a Space

The other day I was notified of an interesting website by Warren Ellis, via his Bad Signal mailing list. He noted that one of the things that makes Createspace huge is that it has the distribution power of Amazon behind it. This is pretty giant. And it's free.

Also it appears to be down for maintenance right now. At any rate, I fully intend to publish something through this service, though I have no idea what right now. I might be tempted to do something photographic in content if I could get a sample of what the reproduction looks like. has been around for a while, and I was intrigued when I heard an interview with the founder of it on NPR once a while back. Though I admit I haven't really looked at it much, or really at any other vanity or self-publishing press. Createspace is the first one of these to really catch my eye, since it has the weight of Amazon behind it.

As an unpublished writer, I am definitely interested in something like this. If not as a way to catapult ones self into "Teh Business" at least as a way to have a set of ideas printed and bound so I can say to myself, "I made this. And it is … good."

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